Samantha RemingtonThe Samantha Remington Angel Heart Foundation has been established to provide help and support to transplant patients like Samantha who need help with their medical debts or deductibles. Organ transplantation is a very costly procedure with both before and after hospitalization, lifetime treatment and expensive medication. These costs can easily overwhelm even the most financially secure family.

Samantha RemingtonThe members of The Samantha Remington Angel Heart Foundation know and understand that Samantha dealt with ongoing health problems with the bravery and resiliency emblematic of her life. Without the miracle of organ donation and the skill and dedication of doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals, no one would have ever known our beautiful Samantha. This foundation is dedicated to assisting other patients like Sammy who are fighting the good fight. All proceeds will go to payment of the medical expenses of these heroes.

Sammy's Fun Run And Walk
group fundraising photograph