Steven’s Story

Steve was an extremely healthy and active young man. He grew up in Centennial, CO. A few years after college, at 27, he developed a nagging cough. After several months he went into the doctor’s office to get it diagnosed. The doctor couldn’t find the cause of his cough, but they did find a heart murmur and referred him to a cardiologist. The cardiologist diagnosed Steve with a congenital heart defect and he needed surgery. But the surgery did not go well and Steve ended up on a heart-lung bypass machine.The surgeons could not get the left side of his heart restarted. He suffered two strokes and ultimately had a life-saving electronic device put inside of him to take the place of his now defunct heart.  Steve left the hospital with this device and after two and a half years the doctors informed him that he was eligible to receive a heart transplant. Steve has now had a good heart for over 5 years and is doing very well! He is extremely grateful to his donor family, his own family, the Samantha Remington Heart Foundation and most importantly God for all the help and support they have provided him on this long journey.”

-Story by Steve