Brittani’s Story

written by her mom, Kathy

In December of 1995, a beautiful baby girl came into our lives by the grace of a courageous young woman, Kendra, who selected us to become Brittani’s adoptive parents. In September of 2014, after struggling through and overcoming some difficult times, we took a trip to Steamboat Springs. We wound up paying a visit to the emergency room. Brittani had never been diagnosed with any heart problems, so it was quite a shock when the cardiologist notified me that she was having a heart attack and needed to be transferred to Denver by helicopter as soon as possible. The cardiologists there discovered that Brittani had cardiomyopathy, which had allowed blood clots to form and travel throughout her body. A large clot had traveled to her heart, causing the attack.In time we learned that Brittani’s heart had suffered too much damage to continue working efficiently, even with the help of medication. The hope of a transplant became a reality, and the process began. In October of 2016, Brittani was once again admitted to UCH, where she would remain under close watch and constant care until a donor’s heart became available. On December 13th, just days before Brittani’s 21st birthday, she was offered a second chance at life. Brittani’s transplant surgery was a success, and her heart continues to beat strongly as she ventures her way into adulthood. Thank you Remington Family for helping us out. Samantha’s Angel Heart Foundation is such a beautiful way to share her legacy with others and keep her with you always.”

 -Brittani’s Story, written by her mom, Kathy