Project Description

Hello, we are the Ortega family. Our names are Carlos, Lizett, and our heart warrior Santiago. Our home is back in Santa Teresa New Mexico. Santiago was born on October 14, 2014, here in Children’s Hospital Colorado he has also had all of his surgeries done here as well. Santiago was born with a heart condition known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome also known as half a heart. He had a total of three open-heart surgeries to reconstruct his heart. Santiago was doing really good until January of the current year things started to change. This past April we learned that Santiago’s heart was really sick and doctors thought that he would benefit from a heart transplant. In order for Santiago to be placed on a heart transplant waiting list, we needed to relocate ourselves as a family here in Colorado. In June we said goodbye to our loved ones and left everything behind. Since June 17 Santiago has been an inpatient at Children’s hospital. It has been a long journey for us since he has been really sick. Santiago went into cardiac arrest and had to be placed on ECMO because of that. Later on, he had a heart ware ventricular assist device placed to help his heart. In the past three months, Santiago has also been thru delirium and a stroke. We are happy to say that doctors, therapist, and medication have helped Santiago feel better and continues recovering. We are still in the lookout for the right heart for him.