Project Description

Bio by Kendra DuBios

My name is Kendra Lynne DuBois, born in Colorado Springs I was the 12th baby to ever receive a heart transplant in Colorado.  I was born February 1st 1992, it took a while for me to come out into this beautiful world because of an umbilical cord being wrapped around my neck during birth.  Along with that unfortunate event, my parents were told I had hypoplastic left heart syndrome which lead to needing to be put on the list for a heart transplant. I did not have much of a childhood because of the long periods of time staying at Children’s Hospital, but when I finally got to live a life of gratefulness because of this first heart, this life I lead wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the best either. Growing up, no one understood me, being a young six and a half year old, trying to explain my transplant, it was not easy, other children were unkind. Eleven years had gone by, I was doing so well, then at age eleven, my heart rejected the body and once again, here I was, waiting for heart transplant number two. Being old enough to understand what was happening this time, I did fear for my life. I missed part of sixth grade but then returned just in time for Halloween! Dressed up as a cat along with my best friend at the time, we laughed and lived life like nothing too serious ever happened. As life has gone on, I am now 25 years young, I still have heart number two and am so very thankful to still be here now. In high school I decided I wanted to give this hairstyling career a try, I spent lots of time going to a couple beauty schools, working in a couple salons, but because of the learning disabilities that came with everything else, I can’t say they held me back, but the type of work that goes into being a hairstylist just didn’t fit in. I am now saving up for makeup school; I will be attending in April! I feel like I have more of a passion for this kind of work, to me it’s more of an art form. My goals in life? Well, I want to work on celebrities and work in the horror film industry. I have always been a horror film fan.